Planet Over Profit

We only have one planet – despite us humans doing everything we can to fuck it up, it’s important we play our part and try to limit as much damage as we can.

Even more so as the fashion industry is one of the worst contributors.We’ve put in as many processes as possible to reduce our carbon footprint:

  • All of our cotton is 100% organic
  • All of our sweatshirts are made from recycled plastic (yep, crazy what you can do with 12 1.5L bottles of plastic water)
  • All of our manufacturing is sustainable, and we implement economically sound processes
  • We focus on low impact organic agriculture, efficient manufacturing and have replaced standard grid electricity with renewable wind power
  • Our packaging is recyclable

Whilst we’re trying to stop as much damage to the planet, we’re also trying to repair it as much as we can too. This means every order you place, we plant a tree in return. Hopefully, together, we can try to preserve this planet for generations to come, one order at a time.