About Us

Who are we?

If we were to tell you, there’s Something About Elizabeth, what would you think we meant? That the girl down the street was a bit saucy? That your mums mate Liz had me head over heels? Where we grew up we call money Lizzy. Now Lizzy can come in clean forms, or a whole lot of dirty forms, either way it’s probably one of the only things that connects us as humans (well that and oxygen). Even if money doesn’t seem to play a big part in your life, whether you have a lot of it, or not so much, it’s fair to say that we all have an infatuation with it. And so the term ‘Something About Elizabeth’ was derived.  

Clothing made by creatives. Conscious - not self conscious. We’re just 3 guys with a passion to deliver sustainable, comfortable, and desirable fashion without the hefty price tag. Established in 2010, we took the long route in establishing an eco-friendly T-shirt with the perfect fit. Perseverance and persistence paid off as we’ve created iconic and ground breaking moments including styling a long list of celebs across the globe. Some highlights include designing Migos’ jackets for their UK Tour, jackets for Sean Paul’s world tour as well as his music video ‘No Lie’ with Dua Lipa. We also brought Lethal Bs idea to life for his Reading Festival Main Stage performance.  GQ named it ‘best festival attire of the year’ and BBC quoted: “IT IS THE GREATEST ITEM OF CLOTHING WE HAVE EVER SEEN and if everyone isn’t dressed in a yellow karate outfit tomorrow, something’s wrong in the world”.

Pow! But you’re not respected until you shut down a red carpet, and we did exactly that at the MOBO awards with Stylo G and his 1/1 white leather tailcoat. Google it and you’ll see what we mean, in fact Google it all!

With no initial training, knowledge or experience within the fashion industry, we stick our middle fingers up to the industry rule books, make our customers our number one priority and still say “F YOU” to Harrods who wanted to stock us only if we reshot our entire lookbook.  As the models looked too ‘urban’! Yep! You read that right!

As well as selling online we’re always popping up across the UK & Europe unannounced. Currently we’re on a UK tour with “Mr. Drippy” so follow our socials to see what city you can catch us in next. Tell us Elizabeth sent you.