About Us

So this is the part where you can write whatever you want about yourself, over exaggerate your successes and make yourself sound like the hottest thing since scotch bonnet milkshakes.

So what if we told you, Something About Elizabeth is a London based brand created in 2010 by 3 child school friends who between them had zero experience in fashion.  Based around the love affair for 'Elizabeth' aka money, they were obsessed with building a brand that didn't have to adhere to industry rules and allowed them complete creative freedom to produce high quality ‘wardrobe favourites’.

Having spent the early years 'trial and erroring' with factories across the world, learning from mistakes and wasting a lot of hours on false promises, the boys have been able to grow into one of the leading streetwear brands from the UK.  With a growing loyal fan base across the globe, pop up shops that outsell high street brands and a production house on home soil, the boys remain 100% independent and still stick their middle fingers to the industries rule book.

So the choice is yours whether you believe the above or think it's a whole crock of shite. The simplest way is to try one of the garments on for yourself. We guarantee it will instantly reveal all.  If you can’t wait 5 days for delivery to find out, then you can send us a message along with your order number saying 'reveal the truth, are you Caitlyn or Bruce' and we'll give you the answer.

Of course, feel free to hit us up on the instant messenger or by email ( for any other questions too.